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Local Area Meetings


10:00 AM (O) Oberlin Breakfast Group Zoom #81892448014 PW-473331

7:30 PM (C-M) North Ridgeville Men’s Zoom #556792857 PW-761872


7:30 PM (C-W) Oberlin Women’s Group Zoom #89810895499 PW-879148

7:30 PM (O) Back To Basics 12 Step Disc. Zoom #3880201594 PW-B2Basics

7:30 PM (O) Borton Group Zoom #87413276299 PW-3031

8:00 PM (O-M) Elyria Men’s Stag Zoom #349273513 PW-885630


8:00 PM (O) Tues. Night SIOGA Zoom # 135795143


8:00 PM (O) Lorain Industrial Zoom #83528875023 No Password


10″00 AM (O) Thursday Big Book Zoom #8367192366 PW-bigbook

7:00 PM(C-W)Thursday Women’s Sobriety Group Zoom #89810895499 No PW Monitor will let in

8:00 PM (C) North Ridgeville Big Book Disc. Go To Meeting #443964949

8:00 PM (O) Oberlin Group Big Book Disc. Zoom #430052411 No PW

8:00 PM (O) St. Agnes Lead Meeting Zoom #87162377887 PW kindness


6:00 PM (O-W) Women Helping Women Zoom #82808528987 PW-325128


7:00 AM (O) Avon Lake 12 Step Discussion Zoom #190 913 159 PW: AL12

8:00 AM (C-W) Saturday Survivors Zoom #878-059-72237 PW: Serenity

8:30 AM (O) Conscious Contact Group Zoom #714957490 No PW

8:00PM (O) Saturday Night Amherst Phone Dial-in (978)990-5000 Access code: 757196#

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